Commercial Cleaning Services For Workspace

Everyone used to work at the office and spend half of their day at work. Spending 8-10 hours usually busy with work might let you ignore the condition of the environment around you. For an effective working environment, it is important to take care of your office surroundings so that the employees enjoy working in their space for long hours. The working space is the first thing anyone would notice after coming to you for any deals.

Just as we notice at the person’s shoes first, likewise the work reputation of your office determined by the working environment.

Before you contact any cleaning services make sure you know to go for which one as they may vary from domestic cleaning to commercial cleaning. For a business, commercial cleaning is taken into consideration while they may be of two types such as:

  • Regular commercial cleaning
  • Deep cleaning

Dec Master Cleaning services provide you with the best commercial cleaning services In Massachusetts of any type.

What Is Commercial Cleaning?

Commercial cleaning includes providing cleaning services at warehouses, office buildings, restaurants, hotels, movie theaters, malls, and clubs. Commercial cleaning must done once every month for the office to promote a clean hygienic space for your employees. Chose a cleaning service that provides you with the best commercial cleaning services in Massachusetts along withhouse cleaning services In Massachusetts .

The process they adapt for commercial clean is the usage of various chemicals to clean everything efficiently. Dec Master Cleaning services are here to work at any premises you contact. We take responsibility for all cleaning practices required in a business office. Not just commercial cleaning, but we also provide you with House cleaning services in Massachusetts available 24/7.

What Does it Include?

Regular commercial cleaning

  • Furniture dusting and cleaning
  • Throwing Garbage away
  • Sweeping/mopping the floors
  • Replacing Trash cans
  • Cleaning windows and glasses
  • Restocking the material required at your workspace.
  • Replace liners/rugs

DecMasterCleaning services provide every service (commercial cleaning, house cleaning) listed above with good business experience in Massachusetts

Deep Comercial Cleaning

  • Dusting of all light fixtures
  • Vacuum around every corner and carpets
  • Dusting (Walls, baseboards, doors)
  • Cleaning of baseboard furniture
  • Upholstery cleaning
  • Cleaning of all restroom walls.
  • Graffiti removal
  • Machine scrub after sweeping the floors for removal of germs
  • Spray good fragrance

Now let’s have a look at some of the methods adopted under commercial cleaning services

1.   Steam cleaning

This method considered for the removal of harmful microorganisms, dirt, and germs by giving steam to floors at high temperatures. Some may also go for an easy effective method of “vacuum” after steam cleaning to clean the leftover residue.

2.   Germicidal wipes

It is an environmentally friendly process taken into consideration by most companies to clean electronic appliances like monitors, keyboards, telephones, and calculators to ensure a germ-free environment in the working space.

3.   Rotowash

Rotowash process is considered for carpet cleaning. Floor cleaning machines used in this process consist of brushes that work and remove all the dust particles from the carpet. Make sure you take this step into account while going for commercial cleaning services in Massachusetts.

4.   Deep Extraction

It is a special method solely adopted for carpet fabric cleaning that deeply extracts the dirt particles away from the surface. Conditioners are sprayed on the surface of carpets and everything is vacuumed deeply.

Checklist for Commercial Cleaning at Workspace:

  • Wipe all bookshelves and storage sections neatly
  • Sweep the floor
  • Disinfect the kitchen area
  • Sweep all cabins
  • Dust baseboards, window sills, etc.
  • Sweep door runner

We provide you with every checklist point mentioned above as best commercial cleaning services Massachusetts by DecMasterCleaning.


As you have now understood the importance of commercial cleaning, hire commercial cleaners with well-rated cleaning machines and skills. After commercial cleaning, you can easily scale and boost the business quickly. Dec Master Cleaning services provide you best experience with commercial cleaning services in Massachusetts with zero complaints.