8 Secrets You Didn’t Know About Floor Cleaning Services In Massachusetts

No matter how often you scrub, if your floors still look lifeless and drab, it’s time to discover the hidden brilliance of expert floor cleaning in Massachusetts. Dec Master Cleaning offers floors so clean you’ll think they’re brand new, even after we go above and beyond standard mopping and scouring.

For over many years, Dec Master Cleaning has leveraged cutting-edge technology, specialized expertise, and customized techniques to deliver unrivaled floor cleaning that keeps clients coming back. Read on to discover eight insider secrets we employ to transform any flooring surface.

State-of-the-Art Equipment for a Flawless Finish 

As pioneers in the Massachusetts floor cleaning industry, we continuously invest in the latest cleaning technology for unbeatable results. Our arsenal of commercial-grade equipment includes:

Powerful Floor Scrubbers: These advanced ride-on units combo brush scrubbing and vacuum suctioning to dislodge deep dirt. Ideal for warehouses, schools, retail spaces.  

High-Speed Burnishers: These electric machines buff floors post-cleaning using ultra-high RPM pad disks to create an impeccable, streak-free shine.

Steam Cleaners: By generating powerful dry vapor steam, these green clean machines eliminate up to 99.99% of germs and bacteria locked in flooring fibers. 

HEPA-Filter Vacuums: Our commercial vacuums trap microscopic dust and allergens as small as 0.3 microns with double the suction power of conventional models.

With cutting-edge cleaning tools most clients lack access to, we revive tired floors and other DIY methods fail to improve.

Customized Methods for Every Floor Type  

We never take a one-size-fits-all approach. Our floor care experts assess each client’s unique flooring materials from natural stone to finished concrete to commercial carpet. We then engineer a personalized cleaning method using appropriate solutions and techniques to meet the floor’s specific needs and surpass expectations. 

For example, our hardwood floor specialists understand that a gentle touch is required to clean wood surfaces without damaging the finish. We use microfiber mops and pH-neutral cleaners, changing wash water often. Then we buff lightly with felt parquet brushes to reveal the natural wood grain shimmer. 

Tile and grout cleaning requires a different approach involving sealing agents to prevent staining and powerful extraction tools to clear grime from porous grout lines. Laminate and vinyl floors call for static-free mops and residue-free cleaners to prevent scuffs and shine loss. As you can see, the method makes all the difference!

Eco-Friendly Products for Squeaky Clean Floors

At Dec Master Cleaning, we believe in responsible environmental practices across all our services. We exclusively use non-toxic, plant-based cleaners certified green by leading agencies. These solutions effectively eliminate soil, stains, and sticky residues without harsh detergents or unhealthy fumes.  

We also operate our fleet with green efficiency in mind. Our commercial-grade equipment meets emission standards, uses filtered water for steam cleaning, and maximizes usable battery time minimizing discharge. With growing eco-awareness across Massachusetts, green floor cleaning gives us a competitive edge while also benefiting the planet.

Save Yourself the Back-Breaking Labor 

Let’s face it – floor cleaning is hard work! It requires getting on your hands and knees to scrub tile grout, pushing heavy equipment around for an hour nonstop, and having the stamina for repetitive motions. With our professional manpower, specialty gear designed to reduce fatigue, and seasoned techniques, we make it look easy. 

The average homeowner can spend 4+ grueling hours on an intensive surface cleaning. Why invest your personal time and energy when our crews can complete the same job in a fraction of that? We encourage clients to reclaim their weekends and evenings knowing we’ve got their floors covered.

Protect Your Flooring Investment with Expert Care

From marble entryways to basement cement, your flooring likely represents a significant upfront investment that adds value to any home or business. With improper DIY cleaning methods, it’s easy to inadvertently damage flooring and degrade its appearance faster. Our pro cleaning services in Massachusetts not only restore floors to their former glory, but also maintain their integrity for durability.

We only use solutions pH-balanced specifically for each flooring material to prevent etching or hazing of the surface. Proper techniques like dust mopping before wet cleaning prevent grinding debris into the flooring fibers. Thorough extraction prevents destabilizing moisture and promotion of mold growth. Simply put, our expertise keeps your floors looking pristine while extending their usable lifespan at the same time.  

Flexible Scheduling for Your Convenience

Juggling family, work, school, and other commitments makes scheduling services a headache for many clients. We ease this stress by offering flexible booking options for your floor cleaning needs:

Emergency Service: Unexpected flooding, pipe leaks or pet stains? We can dispatch a crew almost immediately for urgent cleaning needs.

One-Time Deep Cleaning: Ideal before listing a home for sale, after home renovations or just for seasonal refresh.  

Recurring Service: Clients can enroll in our maintenance plans with regular cleaning intervals from monthly to quarterly. Appointments arranged for your convenience.

Night/Weekend Service: To accommodate retail establishments and office spaces, we offer expanded cleaning hours including after standard closing times.  

With adaptable scheduling and specializing in both residential and commercial properties, we make professional floor care accessible anytime. 

Upfront Pricing Delivers More Bang for Your Buck

Skimping on professional services to save money usually leads to lackluster experiences and results. Our prices reflect the caliber of floor cleaning clients can expect from our team – and we’re surprisingly affordable! Once they witness first-hand the dramatic, streak-free floor transformation we deliver, new clients agree the investment pays exponential dividends.

We provide no-obligation quotes listing the flooring areas to be addressed, cleaning methods to be used, and what’s included so there are no billing surprises later. Many new customers don’t realize they’ll save significantly over DIY cleaning attempts when they consider:

Costs of renting or buying equipment

Expense of cleaning solutions for every flooring type  

Value of their personal time invested 

Our promise is to meet or beat competitors’ prices for exceptional house cleaning services in Massachusetts that withstands the test of time.

White Glove Service Focused on You

The Dec Master Cleaning difference comes from our client-centric approach. From the initial quote to the final walkthrough, we aim to surpass expectations by:

Thorough pre-cleaning inspections identifying trouble spots 

Careful work site preparations like furniture lifts and wall/floor protectants

Attentive floor cleaning technicians who treat each home/business as their own

Optional protective floor treatments such as sealers, waxes and finishes

Post-clean reviews to address any client questions or concerns

Our renowned white glove service has earned countless 5-star ratings and member referrals. We stand behind every completed floor cleaning job 100%.

Bring Out Your Floor’s Hidden Radiance 

In Massachusetts, winter weather can wreak havoc on flooring with corrosive salt, dripping snowmelt, leaf debris and year-round grime buildup. Dec Master Cleaning has the insider know-how plus the manpower, muscle and machines to refresh your floors beyond what’s possible solo.

We remove the back-breaking labor so you can enjoy pristine floors shining like new every day. Contact us today for a free quote or to schedule an appointment. Let us reveal your floor’s true beauty while you put your feet up and relax! We look forward to wowing you.